Friday, October 7, 2011

Paramathma Movie Review

This is my 3rd movie review and 1st in Kananda and I felt reviewing a YB’s movie is a tough job and it’s even tougher when it has Power star in it.

Atma and Paramathma are the two birds sitting on a branch of a tree (body). Every Individual has these two voices within, which emerges whenever you enter a situation where you have to make a decision. A normal person chooses the voice of Atma and the extraordinary person opts for the voice of Paramathma. The movie revolves around this concept and the protagonist in the film is a person who is driven by the voice of Paramathma every moment of his life.

Param (Puneet) is a gold medalist in his bachelors and an MSc drop out by choice climbs up Himalayas, succeeds in share trading and even goes to china to learn the Kun-fu art and makes living out of it too. He is surrounded by a bunch of friends Ramya Bharna , Saanvi (Aindrita) etc… who freaks out with him and falls in love with him for his simplicity. But Param falls for a vocalist whom he meets while saving her life in a movie theatre over a hoax bomb threat which creates a huge buzz in the news channels. This irks the father (Avinash) of Deepa (Deepa Sannidhi) to send her back to their native.

This move changes the location of the sets to the awesome scenic places of Sakleshpura and Thirthalli where the romantic scenes are aptly captured and are very innate. The lead lady in the film plays a typical girls character who gets angry for no reason and laughs for everything.

Though one feels the second half of the film is stretched a bit but the film has the gripping in the intense scenes where Saanvi tries her best to steal Param from Deepa or the family drama or the comical scenes played by Rangayana Raghu and Raju Talikote. The cat fights between Saanvi and Deepa and the squabble and romance between Parama and Deepa are highlighting and not to forget a 30 secs jugalbandi of dance between two leading ladies.

The movie starts when Saanvi visits Param to invite him for her marriage and the movie is narrated in the swapping strings of past and present day sequences. Puneet outshines playing Param’s character in the action sequences, dance or acting though at times one feels that his signature style is missing as it is dominated by Yograj’s hallucination. Aindrita is simply superb though playing a supporting role in an ensemble cast. Deepa Sannidhi a chickmagalur gal lives up to the expectations. Her immaturity in acting is a plus point for the character she plays. Ananth Nag and Avinash are at their usual best and Rangayana Raghu, Datatreya simply excels.

Harirkishna composition is soothing and scores best for songs ‘Paravashanadenu and Kathlalli Karadi. Yograj Bhat the director of the film amazes to the hilt with his shear excellence of narrating a film with a comic touch. Though I feel the communication between the lead roles is slightly repetitive with his previous films but he is splendid in his contemplation of choosing locations within Karnataka, handling Power packed Puneet, portraying the youth’s mindset, human details of a female and the lyrics for the songs.

This is definitely a watch for the Kananda Movie lovers but keep out of those culprits who reveal the climax before you see it J J

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

On going rolling credits issue for scripting 3 Idiots- My Perception

With due respect to Vidhu, I would like to comment that - 3 Idiots is conceptualized by Chetan and he deserves full credits. I would not want to take away the efforts put by 3 Idiots team - Raju, Abhijat and team. Its easy to build a story around, when you have a concept. I really don’t agree when some one say that the film is just 2-5% of the FPS. The whole concept is based on the FPS like 3 Engineering students studying in Engg college,Raju committing suicide, definition of machine, Student loving professors daughter, Inventing different machines, Chathur's character etc, plenty of scenes cant name all here. I would like to appreciate the efforts of the entire team of 3 Idiots for making such a wonderful movie, forget about the money, block buster or whatever, it has truthful message to take away. When a team can give such a message to the public they should never be cheating a writer behind it.